Frederick County, VA 39.1716602, -78.1518124

Frederick County, VA – Injury Crash onI-81 N of US-11 

Frederick County, VA (March 14, 2024) – On March 14th, an injury crash occurred on US-11, approximately 0.1 miles north of I-81 in Frederick County. The incident led to disruptions in traffic flow in the area. , Frederick County, VA – Injury Crash onI-81 N of US-11  Details regarding the nature and severity of injuries sustained in the crash have not been disclosed by authorities. However, emergency responders including the Virginia Highway Patrol were quick to arrive at the scene to assist those involved. Injured individuals received initial on-site medical assessment and treatment before being transported to local medical facilities for further care. The local police department is conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding the crash to determine its cause and any contributing factors.

Our thoughts are with the injured individuals, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

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